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Our Work
Documentaries have been at the heart of what we do since we started in 1994.  Covering topics from the closing of a factory to why the heart is being ripped out of town centre markets, we're passionate about telling interesting and surprising stories.
The Great Car Commuter Challenge

Commissioned by the Rail Passengers' Committee, this 
30 minute documentary graphically showed the different experiences seasoned car commuters have when they swapped to the train for a month.
Wow and Flutter<br /><br />A film documenting the world of pigeon racing and the bond between man and his birds.<br /><br />Directed by Dave Thorp<br />Produced by Andrew White
Wow and Flutter

Commissioned by Vanishing Point Films, Wow and Flutter is a 30 minute documentary which focuses on Brian Hardacker, a life-long pigeon racer, who guides us through his love affair with his birds and his facination with freedom and flying.
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