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The Nova Film and Videotape Library

Welcome to The Nova Film and Videotape Library.

The library boasts a large collection of footage of events, people, topics and places on a wide variety of subjects from this country and abroad.

The library is split into sections - archive film and contemporary video, and is owned and managed by our sales department, Nova Worldwide Sales.

Archive Cine Film

Details of the unique collection of amateur cine film, providing a unique account of the social changes which has happened to Britain during the later part of the 20th Century which no other film library can rival.

Utiltising 8mm, Super8mm and 16mm, our collection is being telecined onto Digital formats and catalogued - and soon an online search facility will be available.

Contemporary Stock Footage

Details of the contemporary stock footage section of the library, which grows by the day, with all the material recorded for Nova-produced programmes and productions available soon after filming.

Material filmed before 2008 is available in Standard Definition 4x3 format.
Material filmed since 2008 is available in 1080i High Definition format - and is available to buy online from

General Information

Information about The Nova Film & Videotape Library, how we operate and how much we charge.

Nova Productions
62 Ascot Avenue, Cantley, Doncaster. DN4 6HE
01302 410468
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