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Online Video

Advertising Opportunities
We pioneered the provision of high-quality television-style short form programming in the outdoor arena when we launched Walks Around Britain back in March 2010.  Today, in addition to our short form content, we'll also be the permanently home of our series made for television.

Our video content is available for pre-roll video advertising, and in so doing bringing the power of the traditional TV spot advert to our unique high-quality programmes.  It is available on a video-by-video basis, or across a whole brand.  This allows advertisers to reach out to just the consumers they want to target.

Also, with the addition of our series made for television - such as Walks Around Britain's TV series and Yorkshire Walks with Andrew White - we have opportunities to advertise within the space made for the adverts on television.  This would mean the adverts would be shown regardless of what site the viewer found the programmes on.

Advertising with any of our online video content can suit very modest budgets and it can deliver a high return on investment.
Online Video - Key Points

  • The 10, 20 or 30 sec spots British audiences are used to within our online programming
  • Advertisers can place their ads in Nova series made for television, such as Walks Around Britain and Yorkshire Walks with Andrew White.
  • Makes effective use of your existing ads
  • New technologies like Smart TVs mean people watch more online programming on their main TV
  • TV is the new point of sale
Our brands live on various video platforms, but mainly YouTube and Facebook.  YouTube is our perfered choice for our main content - for example, the full 10 minute video walks from Walks Around Britain live on YouTube - whereas we use Facebook for shorter, snazzier, snappier videos, often as a pointer to the longer content on YouTube.

All our video content is available to viewers free of charge, and is available easily and on demand across multiple platforms such as PC, Laptop, iPad, Smart Phone, Connected or Smart TV's, Blu-ray players and game consoles.
For more information about Online Video, contact us.
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