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Our Current Projects

Currently Broadcast
Walks Around Britain - seasons 1-5
Join Andrew White and the team from Walks Around Britain as they discover fantastic walks between 2-8 miles with stunning views and great stories from across Great Britain.

Currently being broadcast on PBS America, MyTV, CLTV and across 17 other TV channels in the UK.

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In Production
Walks Around Britain - season 6
Andrew White and the Walks Around Britain team discover the 14 more short walks, exploring some great places to walk throughout Britain - from coast to hills, on the flat to along water.

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Walks Around Yorkshire
Andrew White discovers the landscape of his home county of Yorkshire the best way - on foot, uncovering fascinating stories along the way.  Commissioned by Together TV.
Walks Around Ireland
The latest in the Walks Around... franchise sees Andrew White and a new team of presenters discover the magical island of Ireland, through 14 short walks all between 3-13km / 2-8 miles.

Yorkshire By Bike
Inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire?  Well, the team takes seven slow tours along part of Sustrans' cycle network in Yorkshire, meeting fascinating people and discovering more of this county.
A travel show with a difference... focusing on great days out around Britain. Can be localised with versions for different local tv areas.

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History Hikes with Andrew White
Andrew White takes 7 walks through areas where hugely significant events in British history took place. 

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My Walk of Life
The Yorkshire Three Peaks
A feature-length documentary detailing the story of three mighty peaks and their impact on the people who work, live, care and enjoy them.

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Paddling Around Britain
The Walks Around Britain team take to the water for a new series discovering Britain's waterways and the stories behind them.  For streaming on Amazon's Prime Video.
In Development
Place Detectives
Join in this new and exciting TV town & country challenge, an up close and personal revelation of the cultural and visual riches of the British Isles.

On Track
A first in the transport world - a bi-monthly magazine programme dedicated to British railways. With news reports, features and interviews.

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Great British Steam Railways
Kinder - From Trespass...
A feature-length documentary detailing the story of Kinder Scout - and the mountain's unique part in the Britain's history of open spaces, rights of way and national parks.

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Wild British Walks
Whereas Walks Around Britain focuses on short, accessible walks, this new series concentrates on the opposite... discovering just how wild Britain can be, with 7 epic walks through our wilderness.
Pastels with Dave Woolass
Artist Dave Woolass is the guide through a different picture in every programme, showing how to use pastels effectively from start to finish.

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Youdale's Dales
Former "Gladiator" Diane Youdale explores the beautiful countryside of her native Weardale with a series of fabulous walks.

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Andrew White takes a guest on a walk not just through the Doncaster countryside, but through their life - sharing their 5 favourite music tracks.

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A behind-the-scenes look at the people with the commitment, passion and love to make the 50+ heritage steam railways in Britain work.

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