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Place Detectives

Place Detectives is our feel-good factual entertainment series, perfect for either a high-value early evening slot or as a high-turnaround daytime returning series slot.

A team two friends or family members have five hours to discover the answers to questions about their local town / area - which they are given in advance.  To help them in their quest, they are taken to various places in the local area and provided with experts they can question.  But can our Place Detectives unravel the facts and history to discover in order to get the answers?  Throughout they are ably helped and steered - where possible - by our amenable host Mark Richards.
Treasure Hunt and Countryfile meet Bargain Hunt and QI in this game of discovery, where the fascinating and the interesting are uncovered and Britain at its best is championed and celebrated.

We're talking to broadcast partners now and to brands who are interested in taking a product placement position in this new series, and we're looking to start filming in June 2023.
For more information about Place Detectives, please contact us.
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