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Product Placement

Advertising Opportunities
Product Placement is a fantastic way of getting products and services right at the heart of our inspirational outdoor programme.

Since the regulations were relaxed in 2011, Product Placement has become common-place on British television - but up to now has been the exclusive domain of the big advertisers and the big channels.

Until now.
Nova's Product Placement promotional video - version 1
Now through our range of outdoor leisure interest programming, Nova offers the truly unique marketing opportunity which Product Placement brings - on an affordable national and local scale.

By seemlessly intergrating products and services into our programmes, they are seen within natural settings - making them more relatable to viewers and therefore inspiring purchasing decisions.

Product Placement - Key Points

  • Raises brand awareness amongst an attentive audience
  • Educates viewers on the product through real-life usage and situations
  • Increases brand opinion
  • Changes perception.
To really make your brand's products or services stick in the minds of our highly engaged outdoor audiences, Product Placement with Nova should certainly be part of your marketing communications mix.

Product Placement can be used in conjunction with Series Sponsorship or stand alone - and either on a series or individual programme basis.
Current Product Placement Opportunities with Nova...

Download the Sponsorship and
Product Placement Info Pack for
Scotland's Great Trails

Download the Sponsorship and
Product Placement Info Pack for
Yorkshire Walks with Andrew White

For more information about Product Placement, contact us.

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