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Series Sponsorship

Advertising Opportunities
Series Sponsorship provides brands, products and services the opportunity to get closer to content and subjects by allowing direct association with a series.  And at Nova, we've got an amazing portfolio to find the perfect match.

Sponsoring a series allows you to place a series of short sequences around a programme - called in the trade as 'bumpers' - which feature your logo and message.  These would run at the start, between the advert break in the centre of the programme and at the end.

The Series Sponsorship would also be included on the online versions of the programme too - whether on a time-limited basis on the various broadcasters' catch-up services, or on our own YouTube channel designed for the series.

We'll also work with you to create a range of exclusive bespoke online short videos based on the series you are sponsoring, which are designed for embedding on your website and sharing on your social media channels.

But we can go further, by offering fully-integrated opportunities including live events & promotions, competitions and sponsorship of the relevant specialist-interest website from our portfolio.
Series Sponsorship - Key Points

  • Guarantees a prime position and maximum visibility to your target audience
  • Is available on a national, regional or local basis with our series
  • Builds effective connections between the brand, the series and its themes
  • Influences purchase decisions
  • Delivers stand-out exposure in a cluttered market.
Series Sponsorship can be used in conjunction with Product Placement or stand alone - but is only available on a series wide basis.

Series Sponsorship is great for raising awareness and affecting the purchase decision.

There's more great information about how to make Series Sponsorship work you here from Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK.
Current Series Sponsorship Opportunities with Nova...

Download the 2022 Media Pack for Walks Around Britain - which contains all the information about Series Sponsorship of the series.
Download the Sponsorship and
Product Placement Info Pack for
Walks Around Yorkshire with Andrew White

Download the Sponsorship and
Product Placement Info Pack for
Scotland's Great Trails

For more information about Series Sponsorship, contact us.

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