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Specialist Factual Production

Our Work
We produced our first specialist factual programme back in 1997 - Buses of the South Yorkshire PTE: 1974-1986.  Aimed fairly and squarely at the transport enthusiast, the programme used silent 8mm cine film to which we dubbed genuine bus sounds to - and because we were making it for the enthusiast, they had to be the correct configuration for that particular bus.  And to this day, we've never received any complaints...

So began our long connection with specialist factual programming.  That South Yorkshire bus programme was the first release on our own sell-through video label, which continued through to 2008, when we were commissioned to produce transport programmes for a range of other video distributors.
We quickly became the company of choice to produce anything about transport - from railways to cars; bikes to trams; buses to commercial vehicles; trolleybuses to aircraft.  If it moves, we made programmes about it.  During this time, we worked for the big names in the specialist-interest sell-through market, including DD Home Entertainment, Delta, Pegasus, Simply Home Entertainment, Ian Allan and others, providing quality programmes, well-researched on time and to an increasingly tight budget.

The specialist interest market on DVD wained significantly after the collapse of Woolworths and WH Smith moving out of stocking video, but we continued to produce shorter specialist factual programmes for Nova Wheels - our transport-based YouTube channel.

This year we're launching Nova Wheels+ - a on demand subscription website - a kind of Netflix for transport where we'll be producing and releasing new full-length specialist factual transport programming for the internet-savvy enthusiast.  We're committed to producing 4 new programmes for the channel in 2020, as well as making available our existing back catalogue of programmes which were originally released on VHS and DVD.

Doncaster Works 150

We were commissioned in 2003 to produce the official video of the special open weekend held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Doncaster Works.  Available on DVD and VHS, the programme featured contributions from Alan Pegler, the saviour of Flying Scotsman and Pete Waterman.
Built by the Great Northern Railway Company in 1853, Doncaster Works - known as The Plant - produced some of Britain's most famous locos - from the humblest of shunters to powerful mainline steam engines such as 4472 Flying Scotsman, and 4668 Mallard - holder of the World Record for steam traction of 126 mph - as well as a range of diesel and electric locomotives. <br /><br /><br />This official DVD covers the 150th Anniversary celebrations in May, with detailed views of all the locos present at the weekend as well as interviews with Pete Waterman, Alan Pegler, and many locomotive owners.
Buses of the South Yorkshire PTE - 
The Early Eighties

Following on from the original two programmes, this third in the series broke the mould from the previous by using experts on the narration and the use of music - but still providing a quality programme for the enthusiast.
Sheffield Remembered - 
The Last Trams

After 4 film reels were discovered in the Sheffield Bus Museum, we released them after a painstaking restoration process which included grading, de-blobbing and more.
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