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Walks Around Yorkshire

Yorkshire is well known for being one of the best places in the country to go walking, and with 7 million people living in the county - and many more just at the end of rail journey to visit - finding the best walks in God's Own County will be Andrew's job on this new series.

Building on the strengths of Walks Around Britain, Walks Around Yorkshire will bringing a more cinematic visual style - perfectly capturing the landscapes of Yorkshire, and will also centre on the people Andrew meets along the way.

The brand already has a social media presence on Twitter and on Facebook.

With a transmission date of December 2022 on Together TV - available on Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media and Freesat - we are now talking to brands who are interested in taking a product placement position in this new series.
The next stage of the journey with the Walks Around... franchise is Walks Around Yorkshire - commissioned by Together TV.

Building on the success of the Walks Around Britain formula, and based on the same ethos of short walks many people can actually do, Walks Around Yorkshire sees Andrew White undertaking 5 very different walks through his home county, walking and talking to the people of Yorkshire on his way.
For more information about Walks Around Yorkshire, please contact us.
01302 410468 / info@novatv.co.uk

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