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Yorkshire By Bike

Many people have been inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire to take up cycling - and it's that interest we are tapping into in this new series in pre-production.

Yorkshire By Bike is a series in which the team takes seven slow tours along part of Sustrans' cycle network in Yorkshire, meeting fascinating people and discovering more of this county.
Central to the aims of the series is to get more people out cycling.  Through it's association with it's own Tour, Yorkshire has a passion and an infrastructure for cycling... our job will be to get more people using it - and in particular - families.

Most of the routes we'll be featuring won't be too difficult - meaning families and people who haven't been on a bike for many years will be able to do them.  All have interesting stops along the way and stories to discover.

The brand already has a social media presence on Twitter.

We're talking to broadcast partners now and to brands who are interested in taking a product placement position in this new series, and we're looking to start filming the initial pilot edition in the late autumn of 2023.
For more information about Yorkshire By Bike, please contact us.
01302 410468 / info@novatv.co.uk
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